Sawzall Sees All


This piece is a sketch rendition of a Photgraph drawn using a Bamboo Create tablet and stylus through the Photoshop Program by Frankie Brennan. This picture just says ‘infidelity’. The girl is apparently holding a Sawzall and is waiting for¬†her adulterous lover to return home.

Frankie’s “Adapt” – Graffiti Piece

Adapt is a concept I’m developing for my personal logo. This Adapt piece is drawn with Micron markers for outlines and shading and Blick Studio markers for coloring.

Live to Love shirts for Threadless

Here is a thing I made. I drew it, then Photoshopped it onto 3 different types of clothing. I learned that color overlays are REALLY important when working on a design with interchangeable colors.


Frankie’s Comic

This is a three panel comic strip, starting from a sketch drawing, to an ink drawing and then to the color finish. A guy is proposing to his wife on the Eiffel Tower. She’s all excited until she notices he’s only paid 15 dollars from the ring, at which point she proceeds to throw him off the tower. . . Frankie..