Photo voice & Greenhouse Graphics – Jari


I started going to Tempo in Feb 2016 and I was really surprised that I had never heard of Tempo before. Ive been around the area countless of times and have lived in Framingham for a while now but yet I have never heard or seen anyone going there. Between struggling with going to college, working, and mental health problems, I found a place where I can learn, relax, and get paid at the same time. I still wonder why it hadn’t been recommended by anyone in DMH service sooner… Although through some difficult times, staff at wayside recommended Tempo and accompanied me to a tour given by Nick a Tempo staff. The art studio immediately caught my eye. I began going to the open studio times and worked on some artwork projects. I started the Photo-voice internship a couple weeks after and it went very well. There were about 4 or 5 other young adults and I figured that more people my age would want be involved in making art AND getting paid for it. Once a week for 8 weeks wasn’t bad and there was pizza! In the last Photo Voice we were incorporating vinyl dolls and photos to express our daily lives. I had created a doll to help children learn mathematics, although getting frustrated a couple times it came out pretty well. Overall the program was great and seeing the photos we took at the end was exciting. I learn a lot about how out other teens/young adults were benefiting from the program and expressing themselves positively through their artwork. The gallery was located at the College Planning Center on the FSU campus, and our work was spread out so that those can look at what we created in those eight weeks. I am currently in the 11th week of GreenHouse Graphics, its gone by so quickly. Im really enjoying exploring different kinds of media and creating different pieces. Im excited for the gallery at the end. Its still shocking that more people who go to Tempo everyday don’t take advantage to express themselves in artwork but the few who do really seem to enjoy it.


The picture above is of my painting of a trail in Saxonville, Framingham advertising the upcoming gallery show for Green House Graphics & Open House of Tempo June 30th 10:30-3pm.


Awesome new Artwork from GHG

Hi Folks

Sorry its been a bit since I updated you all. But now I’m back. Monday April 11th we are starting our first 12 week program of 2016. I have 7 young adults signed up and I;m psyched to see what they can do.

The first thing i have to do before the new group starts is clean the studio. In that process I ran accross some awesome old stuff from YA Alex and Jaime.

Check it out.

jaime 03


Jordan fantastic beast


Jaime Airbrush 01


jaime airbrush 02


Alex Bride


Scott McAlarney of Green House Graphics


My name is Scott McAlarney of the Green House Graphics interactive workshop and graphics company at Tempo. I was introduced to the workshop through the Tempo staff when they learned that I had a hobby for graffiti-style artwork. As one of the artists in the first workshop we ran, I was able to expand my skills and abilities immensely under the guidance of our Mentoring Artist, David Sebastian and the support of the other artists in the workshop. After the first run of GHG, I was asked and graciously accepted the position of Peer Mentoring Artist which has allowed me to further support my fellow artists in the workshop. I cannot express how much fulfillment and success I have found through this program, but our incredible results at our first Art Show speak for themselves. It was truly incredible to see my fellow artists’ and my own work proudly on display to the public and the response we received was staggering, selling well over half of the art on display and showing us artists just how much we can achieve with the work we put in, the resources we need, and a little help from our friends at Tempo, Wayside, and all the other people who have made this dream a reality.

Jade at the Amazing Things Art Show

All viewers that made an appearance at our art show, thank you for your support! It was a very successful first annual art show for Green House Graphics, and it’s young adult artists. I am very pleased to say I am a part of this working group. Art is about expression. It can mean so many different things, and be percieved various ways. The mind is an amazing organism. I enjoy creating abstract work.



Thom at the Amazing Things Art Show


My name is Thom and I am a young adult artist at the Green House Graphics Interactive Workshop at TEMPO in Framingham, MA.  We spend our days looking at various works or art and the artists who created them, to gain some inspiration and find new ways to express ourselves through our own artwork. This is one of the pieces that sold, I had in the Amazing Things Art Show, which was a great turn out and an amazing experience.  The show was three hours long and a great opportunity for us to showcase our artwork.  It was really cool to see people’s reactions to my work and to be able to talk with them about the creating process that was involved.  I had a really great time and look forward to doing it again in the near future.



Frankie of Green House Graphics at Amazing Things Art Show

My name is Frankie Brennan and I am an artist at Green House Graphics. It is a great experience being able to hone your skills and capabilities as an artist in a structured and group environment. Being able to work with other young adult artists allows me to grow my abilities through shared ideas and constructive criticism. Also the wealth of knowledge pertaining to art, graphic design and media of the mentoring artist Dave Sebastian is proving to be immensely helpful in expanding my vision and has given me a format of which I will use to build on my creativity. Dave’s help, along with that of the peer mentoring artist Scott McAlarney is making all the difference in my artwork. Being able to watch Scott and see his process and relying on Dave for media advice and help with techniques is what makes this program such a success for me.  The artwork in the picture you’re seeing was one of the first projects we did, and it was cool because we were asked to come up with a three panel comic from concept to sketch to ink in one day and color finish the next; the lesson being, working for a deadline. It really translates to the idea of working in the field. All in all this program is a huge success in my book and I am happy to be a part of it.